Revision date: 17.06.2019.

By accessing or using all registered users must agree with every point of these rules. Disagreement with at least one paragraph of these rules, forbids you to use our site and services, including game server itself. Please treat other members with respect. Following rules helps to create a fun and fair environment for everyone. Everyone must agree with the rules, as there are no exceptions!

  1. Gameplay and general rules

    1. It is not allowed to play accounts for commercial purposes. It is not allowed to sell, buy, trade or offer accounts in exchange for any other benefit. It is not allowed to exchange any game values for outside benefits such as money, vouchers, other server values etc.
    2. It is not allowed to use 3rd party software to alter the gameplay. Each player is required to report serious errors immediately to the Lemon MU administration. A player is not allowed to knowingly take advantage of bugs. If you notice that a player is abusing a bug in the game you must report him. If you notice a spelling error or typo, you are not obligated to report it, however you are encouraged to do so for the improvement of the game.
    3. It is not allowed to fool Administration: giving false evidence, providing fabricated evidence. It is not allowed to impersonate Administration.
    4. It is not allowed to have disrespectful attitude to the server staff. Threats against the server staff may lead to the punishment.
    5. It is not allowed to interfere with a Game Master during the events.
    6. It is not allowed to humiliate other players. An administrator will suspend your account in case of insults, mockery, bad jokes, bad attitude, provoking or any kind of related behaviour. It is not allowed to offend any of player's relatives or family members.
    7. It is not allowed to make statements about leaving the game or other harmful statements, that can leave a bad effect on the server. It is not allowed to unjustifiably criticise Administration actions, in order to discredit the Lemon MU, rather than improving its quality.
    8. It is not allowed to advertise any kind of other game projects.
    9. Any posts made in global chats must be strictly in English only. This includes in-game post, global post and gens channels. Exclusions are: basic chat, whisper, party and guild channels. Not following this rule will result in mutual warning or limited/permanent chat ban.
    10. It is not allowed to use more than 5 accounts per IP. Maximum 3 accounts per IP can be connected to game at same time and additional 2 accounts allowed for use (total 5 accounts).
    11. Is is not allowed to exploit any promotions and rewards both in game and website. This strictly includes:
      1) intentional and repetitive farming of virtual currencies (such as Credits, WCoins, Goblin Points and Ruud) using multiple accounts and tranfering rewards via game/website mechanics that are not intended for this purpose, such as in-game personal store or website market.
      2) intentional and repetitive character boosting using new account privileges (such as free VIP bonuses).
      Not following this rule will result in all exploited account permanent ban.
  2. Administration and project

    1. Administration will not require user's password or game items.
      If you’re being asked to give your game items or password - this is not an administrator. Administration do not want your game items or password. Administration does not return any missing characters or game items. We do not change your account passwords, we do not make rollbacks in case if you are robbed or allegedly robbed. It is your responsibility to protect your property and characters. Beware of scams!
    2. Administration will never intimidate or threaten you.
      Administration will never threaten players with a ban or other actions. If you have broken the rules, we will punish you with an according punishment. If you haven’t break any of particular rules, however you were close to it, Administration can warn you to behave within the rules. To give only a warning, noway to threat you. If someone threats you with a ban or with something else, most likely it is a scammer!
    3. Administration reserves rights to:
      Ban temporarily or permanently, any user account without any notice, refund or compensation, if we are of opinion that it is necessary. Furthermore, we reserve rights to remove all the player accounts, characters and their game items, if we are of opinion that it is necessary. In exceptional cases, administration reserves rights to unblock the account.
    4. Administration may shut down, reboot or modify the server without any notice.
      Administration is doing everything what's in their power to keep the server running. However, to improve and modify our server, it can sometimes require reboot or temporary shutdown. Nevertheless, we will inform you about planned maintenances on the website.
    5. Game project’s performance warranty.
      Our game project is free and demonstrative. Administration does not guarantee full functionality of certain aspects of the game, and also does not guarantee their corrections. As well, Administration do not guarantee to return player items or any other gaming values, which were lost due to technical problems.
    6. Administration decisions.
      Any decision made by the Administration is fair and competent, it’s out of the question.
  3. Final provisions

    1. Administration reserves rights to change the server regulations, without warning users, at any time if it’s necessary. New rules shall come into force from the moment of their publication on the website. In case if rules are changed, players should take responsibility to read and accept them.
    2. Every player should accept the responsibility to regularly check the information published on our game portal, to stay in touch with the possible changes. If the player continuous using our services, it will be considered as player's acceptance of such changes.
    3. Each player is required to report all the offenders and violations, all the serious errors and bugs immediately to the Lemon MU Administration in the appropriate section on website or email [email protected].
    4. If the player cannot accept any changes and/or additions, he should immediately stop using the service.

Revision date: 17.03.2019.

By accessing or using (the "Lemon MU") and its services, you (the "User") agree to comply with the terms and conditions governing the User's use of any areas of the site, and affiliated services as set forth below, including forum. Terms of use can be changed by the Administration without any prior notice. The User is obligated to check the terms of use at least once a week.

User agreement

Creating an account and using our services, means your full agreement with all the terms and conditions, indicated below. In addition, by using our services you agree with the collection and use of your information. In case of breaking the term of this agreement, Administration reserves rights to deny the User access to the services without any prior notice. You agree that Administration reserves rights to stop services or change their content at any time, without taking any kind of responsibility for it.

Terms of the agreement

Administration reserves rights to stop services or change their content at any time without any prior notice. In case of breaking the term of current agreement, Administration reserves rights to deny the User access to the services. In case, if Administration closes and/or restricts access to the account, User will no longer have access to the account. User has no rights to claim compensation in terms of virtual currency and acquired services while using the service.

Use of services

Lemon MU is a non-profit project developed to imitate outdated game versions for educational purposes only. If you want to play the full version of the game, you must go to the official WebZen server. Lemon MU is not used for commercial purposes, any kind of benefit or profit. All the accounts, characters, game valuables, and committed actions on the Lemon MU exclusively is a property of the Lemon MU. By using the site or the services, the User agrees to take responsibility to follow game’s EULA.

User responsibility

If you, in accordance with the laws of your state, can’t use gaming services on the Internet (online) or having other legal restrictions, including age limits access to these services, you have no rights to use Lemon MU or individual services with the Game, and you agree immediately to stop using the game services both website and in-game. The User is obligated to comply with terms of agreement, and is responsible for any act committed in the Lemon MU. Is some cases, Administration has rights to transfer information about the User, breaking the current agreement or applicable law, the law enforcement agencies.

Limitation of responsibility

Under any circumstances, Administration and Lemon MU, do not take responsibility to Users or third parties for any indirect, incidental, accidental damage. Including profit lost or data lost, caused due to the use of services, their content or other materials to which User gained access, even if Administration of the Lemon MU warned or somehow pointed to the possibility of such damage. The following limitation of responsibility is fully carried out by the legislation. Using the services, User agrees that Administration and the Lemon MU is not responsible for damage of the honour, dignity, reputation or other illegal actions of the third parties, or otherwise.

Disclaimers and limitation of liability

User agrees that use of the site and the services is at the User's sole risk. Neither Lemon MU, nor its affiliates, nor any of their respective officers, directors, employees, or agents, nor any third party, including any provider/affiliate, or any other User of the site and services, guarantees that the site and the services will be uninterrupted or error-free, nor do they make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from the use of the site and the services, or as to the accuracy, reliability, or currency of any information content, service, or merchandise provided through this site. The site and the services are provided by Lemon MU on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Administration is not responsible for the correctness and accuracy.

Virtual currency and services

Lemon MU services may include the possibility of acquiring a virtual currency as well as internal and virtual services using legal means of payment. Payments are made on a voluntary basis in appreciation of the site and the services. Lemon MU does not assume any financial obligation with respect to donations. The User must be over 18 to be eligible to make a donation to Lemon MU. Project is not liable for any unauthorised donations. All the virtual currency and bought services are non-refundable, unless decided otherwise. You do not acquire personal rights on the virtual services and/or currency that you get. The administration has the full control over the entire virtual currency and services. At any time, with or without notice, Administration has rights to modify the cost of virtual currency or change the virtual currency in its sole discretion, with no obligation.

Refund Policy

Administration do not issue refunds for virtual currency once the order is submitted, as there are no refunds under any circumstances. Thus, if you submit any payment you agree that you will not dispute, ask for a partial refund, or a full refund. Administration has the full control on the virtual currency and services at any time with or without notice. Administration can modify and/or cancel the virtual currency and/or services in its sole discretion, with no obligation. If you do not agree to this Refund Policy, do not submit any payment.

Intellectual property rights

All property rights and intellectual property rights in relation to the Lemon MU including any innovations, as well as other rights, belongs to the Lemon MU and to their respective owners. Using the services, you do not get any copyright of intellectual property. Any use of intellectual property, that goes beyond the service, may be carried out only with the written agreement from the Lemon MU Administration.

General information

Administration provides services around the clock and every day, as well as providing consulting support to Users. Lemon MU provides free and unlimited access to the site and the services. Administration reserves right to change pricing politics at any time. User agrees, understand and accepts the fact that Lemon MU is not a gambling game. Donations are made on a voluntary basis, however not as a necessary or a prerequisite for participation in the game. User agrees to receive any kind of informative and/or technical mail to the specified in registered e-mail.

Terms of agreement

Current User Agreement is an integral part of Lemon MU. The User is obligated to check the Agreement at least once a week. Disagreement, even with one of the current rules, does not allow you to use this Lemon MU services. It is necessary to follow the rules, for everyone using Lemon MU, regardless of whether User is registered or not.

Final provision

Current Agreement between the User and Lemon MU determines the procedure for using the services and Lemon MU services. It suspends any other agreements, whether oral or written, between the User and Lemon MU regarding the current agreement.

Revision date: 17.03.2019.

Lemon MU Administration is committed to ensuring your privacy and protecting the security of your personal information. This Policy covers the public Lemon MU website (the "Lemon MU") and all online forms on the website used to collect personal information. Please note that this Statement applies only to Lemon MU website and its’ services. By using the website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Statement and that your use of the website, including, downloads of any of Lemon MU products and services. Current Statement may be changed by the Administration without any prior notice. The User is obligated to check the Statement at least once a week.

Collecting personal information

Our primary goal in collecting the information described below is to provide you, the User, with a customized experience on our website and to deliver better service, products, and more relevant content to our customers, prospective customers, and visitors. Personal information may be collected from you during the registration process, customer support and technical service requests, and ordering of products and other services from the website.

Third party disclosure and links

We do not intend to sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. Administration reserves rights to share with User personal information with third parties in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement or other public officials in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringements, or other activity, that is illegal or may expose User or Administration to legal liability. We do not include or offer third party products or services on our website.

Storage of personal information and security

We take reasonable precaution to protect the personal information we collect from users, as long as it is controlled by the Lemon MU. Information about the User’s account can be accessed only through the password. In order to protect your personal information, User must keep his password confidential and not disclose it to any other person. User takes responsibility for any use of the Lemon MU services by third parties, who have access to the User account. Please inform us immediately if you believe that your password has been compromised or used without your permission.

Personal information protection

To prevent unauthorized access, loss, or misuse, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of information, Administration has implemented reasonable, technical, physical, administrative and organizational measures. Nevertheless, Administration cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to bypass these measures or use, disclose and modify your personal information for other purposes. Also note, that e-mail and messaging systems are not considered to be safe, consequently we do not recommend that you send your personal information through these services. In case if personal data have been compromised as a result of damage by the security services, Administration shall promptly notify about those, whose personal data has been compromised, in accordance with the notification procedures set out in current Privacy Statement, or otherwise provided by law. In order to ensure privacy and security, we take reasonable steps, such as the requirement of a unique password to verify your identity before allowing access to your account or services. User takes responsibility to keep his unique password and account information in secret. Lemon MU Administration, under any circumstances, will not request information about your credit card or bank account, your account’s username and password or your passport details.

Deleting information

The user cannot modify or remove personal information by logging in to their account. Nevertheless, removing your personal information can lead to a complete account’s deactivation.

Links to third party websites

As for your convenience only, third party websites may contain links to our website, belonging to or operated by third parties. By making these links available, we are not endorsing third-party websites, their content, products, services or the owners of these third-party websites. Any personal information that User provides on third party sites or services, is used in accordance with the position of the particular third party. These sites and services support their own policies, regarding the collection and use of personal information, and use of technical information files (cookies). You decide whether go through the policy of these sites, or not.

Top Empire Lord


Level 1000
Reset 9

Top Dragon Knight


Level 409
Reset 9

Top Dimension Master


Level 700
Reset 3

Top Fist Master


Level 651
Reset 2

Top Grand Master


Level 700
Reset 3

Top Magic Knight


Level 1000
Reset 9

Top Fist Blazer


Level 1000
Reset 9

Top Lord Emperor


Level 764
Reset 6