Some of you may already have noticed minor changes to Ranking and Profile pages, and also new Grand Reset table available.

What exactly is Grand Reset, what you should know about it, and how its different from normal reset?

Grand Reset includes not only your character level reset like normal reset does, but will also reset your character class, stat attributes, quests, spells, skills, skill trees and any unassigned stat or skill points to default state, same as if you would create new charatcter.

However, player shouldn't be worried about losing current character progress, and it also won't affect previously earned items or in-game currencies. Progress will only continue and Grand Reset will allow your character get to previously unreachable limits. Grand Reset will provide following benefits to your character:

  • Bonus free (unassigned) stat points from 10,000 to 30,000.
  • Bonus WCoin rewards
  • Bonus Goblin Point rewards
  • Bonus Ruud rewards

For more detailed rewards, please check grand reset table at our Info page.

First Grand Reset becomes available reaching 10th character reset. During 10th reset, instead of Reset button in character reset page you will see new button called "Grand Reset".

In order to do Grand Reset, character must have:

  • Level 1000
  • 1 billion of zen (1kkk)

How game-play will change after Grand Reset?

Each grand reset will dynamically adjust your character experience gain rate. After Grand Reset it will be a lot easier to do first few resets, however, leveling master and majestic levels will become more challenging.

How normal resets will change after Grand Reset?

After first Grand Reset, each normal reset will cost fixed 100,000,000 of zen (100kk). In order to reach each next Grand Reset, your character will need to get total 9 resets instead of 10, like initial Grand Reset.

Special rewards for first top players reaching 1st Grand Reset.

For our top ranking players we will provide additional rewards (non-gear releated).

Published by Lemon, May 8, 2019
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Top Fist Blazer


Level 945
Reset 8

Top Empire Lord


Level 887
Reset 9

Top Soul Wizard


Level 976
Reset 9

Top Dragon Knight


Level 920
Reset 9

Top Dimension Master


Level 700
Reset 3

Top Majestic Rune Master


Level 1000
Reset 9

Top Magic Knight


Level 900
Reset 7

Top Grand Master


Level 750
Reset 4