We are constantly working on server and website improvement, and we have a lot of plans for future which we would like to share with you all, atleast some of them.

List of upcoming server features:

  • Grand Reset with generous rewards - in next few days we would like to introduce new Grand Reset feature which will be available for players reaching 10 resets and level 1050. Grand Reset will provide very generous rewards and a way to reach new goals.
  • Upgrade to Season 14 - we are slowly preparing for server upgrade to latest Season 14 content (without wipes). To be announced. Expected upgrade in month or two.

List of upcoming website features:

  • Market system - player will be able to buy or sell their in-game items to website market, website storage will be introduced.
  • Achievement system - player will be able to track and reach different kind of achievements with unique currency, item and achievement point rewards.
  • Improved Rankings - dynamic top rankings, rank only active players, additional filters.
  • Advanced Statistics - providing even more server statistics with different kind of charts.

Currently in progress:

  • Tweaking Events and Bosses - rebalancing monster health, damage, experience and rewards according to player resets.
  • Tweaking Maps and Spots - adding more spots on high-tier maps, reworking level requirements for some maps.
  • Client updates - multiple updates will be released shortly, follow our Changelog. Automatically downloaded by game launcher.
Published by Lemon, April 21, 2019
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Top Empire Lord


Level 1000
Reset 9

Top Dragon Knight


Level 409
Reset 9

Top Magic Knight


Level 1000
Reset 9

Top Fist Blazer


Level 1000
Reset 9

Top Noble Elf


Level 864
Reset 7

Top Soul Wizard


Level 902
Reset 9

Top Grand Master


Level 700
Reset 3

Top Dimension Summoner


Level 1000
Reset 9