We are proud to announce that our first server Lemon has been launched. Everyone is welcome to join and play.

How to play?

  1. Register your account here
  2. Download game client here
  3. Run Launcher.exe

Additional information

  • Our game launcher includes auto-updating system which will provide all future client updates.
  • Our launcher also supports auto-login functionality
  • VIP packages won't be able for first few days.
  • In-game xshop is currently very limited and more items (like moons, pets, scroll etc.) will be added soon.
  • More server info, statistics and rankings will be added shortly.

If you experience any issues or encounter some bug in game or in website do not hesitate to contact us by Discord, Facebook or email info@lemonmu.com.


Published by Lemon, March 30, 2019
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Top Empire Lord


Level 852
Reset 7

Top Fist Blazer


Level 936
Reset 8

Top Dimension Summoner


Level 969
Reset 9

Top Soul Wizard


Level 961
Reset 9

Top Dragon Knight


Level 921
Reset 8

Top Noble Elf


Level 919
Reset 9

Top Majestic Rune Master


Level 850
Reset 6

Top Lord Emperor


Level 650
Reset 2