Date Change
06.08.2019 2 new rankings available: Damage TOP and DPS TOP
04.08.2019 Rune Wizard item drop improvements.
  • Maximum Grand Resets extended by 5 (maximum 15 grand resets).
  • Maximum stats increased by 4000 and 5600 (depending on class). Points split between 15 grand resets.
  • Reworked Grand Reset Experience gain (decreased, mostly will affect 4GR+)
  • Gold VIP now increased EXP X3 times instead of X2.5 (this includes also players which already have gold package).
25.07.2019 Changed PVP damage output from 50% to 5%.
For example, if you do 100k damage PVM, you will do 5k damage PVP.


Type 1 excellent opts (pre-S10 items): Type 2 excellent opts (S10+ items):
28.06.2019 Adjusted Energy Elf damage/defense buffs. Now scaling percentage based of Energy stats.

Rebalanced damage output for ALL classes.

Most affected classes:
SM, MG, RW (decrease magical damage)
DL (increased physical damage)

All classes now have similar pattern on damage scaling. More class specific stat attribute you have , more percentage will increase.

  • Corrected Personal Store, now uses WCoin instead of zen (no need to be offtrade in order to sell items for wc)
  • Fixed area of effect for some skills.
  • Fixed some item set types
  • Fixed curse damage of summoner books
  • Fixed some Guide Quests
  • Fixed success rate does not apply correctly in chaos machine while creating selected wings
  • Fixed a problem of item losing its mastery bonus options after use of Jewel of Kondar or Jewel of Excess on it
  • Fixed an issue affecting skill distance check, mostly affecting fourth skills
  • Fixed elemental damage does not apply on Shinning Peak Enhanced skill
  • Fixed usage of stacked Jewel of Life on Pets to recover their HP causing lose of entire jewels stack
  • Fixed ability to store unlimited count of Elena's Letter in inventory
  • Fixed custom jewels stack issue
  • Fixed event entry levels not displaying correctly
  • Fixed GameServer crash
16.06.2019 Jewel of Excess has now chance to add 3rd excellent option. Can be obtained from Moss Gambler and drop chance from Greater/Standart Mastery box.
  • Game Server performance improvements
  • Enabled Labyrinth event
  • Fixed RuudShop Exc attribute change of RW item
  • Fixed missing map entry texts for Kubera Mine
  • Introduction of new exp formula. It shouldn't affect existing exp, but will open more options in future.
  • Fixed inability to manually stack some jewels
  • Fixed mysterious stone application does not respect configuration of Luck for weapons
  • Fixed selection of quests can be repeated for endless number of times
  • Fixed disconnect which does not set prop connection status and results in account already connected.
  • Added 3 new spots in Arena (dd1, dd2, dd3 mobs).
13.06.2019 Gemstone added to Kanturu (drop from all mobs, with slight % difference)
13.06.2019 Reworked Moss Gambler
11.06.2019 New payment method available: Paymentwall. Supports cards, mobile, crypto and other payment types.
11.06.2019 Changed PK penalty. Player with PK status can no longer use warp (M) and now killing murdered have chance to drop item it has equipped.
10.06.2019 Fixed Golden Oak Charm buffs. Now properly adds +5,000 HP and +50,000 SD
09.06.2019 Seed Spheres (level 6) added to Cash shop.
08.06.2019 New rankings are now available for Blood Castle, Devil Square and Chaos Castle. Click here for more info.
08.06.2019 Added spots to Deep Dungeon 4
08.06.2019 Adjusted difficulty for BC/DS 1-2
08.06.2019 Nixies Lake is now Non-PK zone, and slightly increased exp.
08.06.2019 Arena has now X2 (double) EXP.
08.06.2019 EXP increased X10 for following events: BC, CC, DS, Illusion Temple, Doppelganger, Imperial Guardian and Tormented Square.
08.06.2019 Reworked EXP for BC/DS
07.06.2019 Added new boss Metal Balrog. Respawn every 16 hours. 100% chance to drop Steel of Heaven.
06.06.2019 Reworked damage output for Elf, DW and MG.
05.06.2019 New rankings for Voting and Market.
05.06.2019 Support payments with mobile phones.
04.06.2019 Market items has now expiration (14 days from date its been posted). When item has expired, it will move to Archive page. Archive is currently unlimited, but it will also have additional expiration time, which will result in item permanent deletion.
03.06.2019 Items with 1000 lvl requirement changed to 900 lvl requirement. All items above 400 lvl requirement (600,800,900 etc) now count stats if you have at least 400 lvl.
02.06.2019 NEW EVENT ADDED TO GAME: "Scramble Words"
Event schedule: 01:45, 05:15, 11:45, 13:15, 18:45, 22:15

Event command:
/scramble [your_text_here]

2 difficulties, 6 rounds.
Current Rewards: Bless and Soul
30.05.2019 Added spots to Deep Dungeon 3
Increased exp to Ferea and Deep Dungeon 1
01.06.2019 Reworked Market taxing.
- Buyer no longer pay tax
- Seller has tax 10% of item price (if item price is less than 10wc, then tax is fixed 1wc). Charged when posting item to market.

Corrected Class filters in Market.

Added Romanian language.
24.05.2019 Increased Master EXP gain rate for 6-10 resets. Check Reset table for more info.
24.05.2019 Updated Market filters. Class filters still not available.
24.05.2019 Updated website design.
06.05.2019 Updated in-game Cashshop. Added Seed Spheres level 1 to 5 to both WCoin and Goblin Point currency categories. Inluded description for each Seed Sphere.
05.05.2019 Grand Resets are now available. For detailed information, please check reset tables.
04.05.2019 Introducing character equipment in profile pages. Currently in BETA version, so expect missing item options. At the same time we are making huge steps towards web vault and market system, stay tuned.

New profile features in website:

For more info check your account panel.

22.04.2019 Updated statistics page and few other website aesthetic elements.
22.04.2019 Introducing new PK penalty system. For more information check Info or PK Clear page. /pkclear in-game is no longer available.
22.04.2019 Arena is now Non-PVP zone.
19.04.2019 Updated Unstick Character. Added map selection.

Updated Imperial Guardian event with following changes:

Overall: Item drop section:
  • Player Level 1 to 400, items exc/ancient/socket up to +4
  • Player Level 401 to 600, items exc/ancient/socket up to +5
  • Player Level 601 to 800, items exc/ancient/socket up to +6
  • Player Level 801 to 900, items exc/ancient/socketup to +7
  • Player Level 901 to 1050, items exc/ancient/socket up to +9
Statue drop:
  • Single and Bundle jewels
18.04.2019 Updated Profile page. Added new stats and information regarding activity, PVP and PVM.
18.04.2019 Updated Rankings. Added possibility to filter by Class and Country.
15.04.2019 Added Event Countdowns on website
15.04.2019 Spawned Power Chicken in Lorencia center with mysterious rewards. HP 100 000 000 000 000
15.04.2019 Corrected Spirit Stone exchange rates.
14.04.2019 Corrected item drop from Medusa
14.04.2019 Corrected Majestic EXP formula. Majestic class receives around 5 times more EXP than Master class, however, majestic class EXP requirements are also a lot higher.
14.04.2019 Set 90% success rates for Fragment of Horn, Broken Horn and Horn of Fenrir.
10.04.2019 Added spots to Swamp of Peace and Nars
10.04.2019 Adjusted Loch Feather drop rate. Less chance to drop randomly, but higher chance to drop in Icarus.
10.04.2019 Adjusted item drop from Selupan.
10.04.2019 Adjusted item drop from Mastery boxes.
09.04.2019 Added spots to Crywolf
09.04.2019 VIP packages are now available. Check profile VIP page for more info.
07.04.2019 Updated Cash Shop. Adjusted prices, added jewels, small wings, 1st & 2nd level wings.
07.04.2019 Fixed issue with Grow Lancer class unable to drop some boxes.
07.04.2019 Adjusted item drop from bosses
07.04.2019 Increased Majestic EXP rate. For more info check exp table here.
05.04.2019 Added spots to Deep Dungeon 2
05.04.2019 Decreased ALL monster previous respawn times between 6 and 12 seconds to fixed 4 seconds
05.04.2019 Adjusted credits rewards for reset. For more info check exp table

Increased Party EXP rates

From (ratio) To (ratio)
Regular Party min 1.0 ~ 1.8 max min 1.2 ~ 2.0 max
Set Party min 1.4 ~ 2.0 max min 1.6 ~ 2.5 max

EXP gain range increased from 9 to 10 radius

04.04.2019 Added more World Titles on website Rankings
04.04.2019 Added Player profile pages on website. More detailed player info will be added.
04.04.2019 Added Reset Stats on website account panel. Cost 10kk, Require min. Level 200.
03.04.2019 Introduction to new Rankings page - World Titles
03.04.2019 Fixed character class and location display in website Rankings
02.04.2019 Added spots to Ferea and Deep Dungeon 1
02.04.2019 Corrected item drop from Mastery Boxes, and individual item drop from bosses
02.04.2019 Kundun drop improved - 40% chance to drop 5 excellent items, 30% chance to drop 4 ancient armor set pieces, 30% chance to drop 3 ancient weapon/ring set pieces.
02.04.2019 Significantly increased Ruud rewards in Blood Castle, Chaos Castle and Illusion Temple
02.04.2019 New item drops from all Box of Kunduns
02.04.2019 Corrected boss item drops, including Nix
02.04.2019 Fixed issue for player being stuck when moving between regular and event maps
02.04.2019 Increased skill drop rate in Kanturu Ruins
01.04.2019 Improved skill drop rate
01.04.2019 Personal Store now use WCoin instead of Zen
01.04.2019 Added more statistics on website
01.04.2019 Increased Ruud rewards in events
01.04.2019 Players can now join party with opposite gens faction
31.04.2019 Adjusted Goblin Point rewards for all golden mobs
31.04.2019 Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle and other events now rewards with Goblin Points
31.04.2019 Fixed Kundun item drop in Kalima 7
31.04.2019 Increased drop for Pink Chocolate Box, Red Chocolate Box and Blue Chocolate Box.
Boxes drop Jewels and Excellent items.
30.04.2019 Base zen requirement for reset decreased from 50kk to 10kk
30.04.2019 Zen drop amount increased on events and higher maps
30.04.2019 Fixed issue with website login not working properly

Top Empire Lord


Level 1000
Reset 9

Top Dragon Knight


Level 409
Reset 9

Top Dimension Master


Level 700
Reset 3

Top Fist Master


Level 651
Reset 2

Top Grand Master


Level 700
Reset 3

Top Magic Knight


Level 1000
Reset 9

Top Fist Blazer


Level 1000
Reset 9

Top Lord Emperor


Level 764
Reset 6