New rankings are now available for Blood Castle, Devil Square and Chaos Castle.

TOP 3 players each month for each Blood Castle level will receive special prizes. Check TOP Blood Castle for more info.

Other changes:

  • Add spots to Deep Dungeon 4
  • Events now give X10 more EXP.
  • Arena has now X2 (double) EXP
  • Nixies Lake is now Non-PK zone, also slightly increased exp.
  • Added new boss - Metal Balrog (spawn in Vulcanus every 16 hours).

For more updates check out our Changelog

Publicat de Lemon, June 9, 2019
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Hello everyone !

I just want to say thanks to all who play in our Lemon server and enjoy it. Especially big thanks to all who give feedback and has been with us since server launch which was exactly 2 months ago on March 30.

It hasn't been easy. Lots of changes has been made to server, some good and bad decisions were made. But overall I believe we are heading right direction for perfect MU Online server experience.

We have still lot of work to be done. Lots of ideas and plans for future. I hope you will stay for this journey with us and we promise to invest all our passion to make this server be remembered for years to come.


Publicat de Lemon, May 30, 2019
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Fully reworked monster difficulty in following maps:

  • Deep Dungeon 2 (recommended 8 resets)
  • Deep Dungeon 3 (recommended 9 resets)
  • Deep Dungeon 4 (recommended 1-2 grand reset)
  • Deep Dungeon 5 (recommended 2-3 grand reset)
  • Swamp of Darkness (recommended 3 grand reset)
  • Kubera Mine (recommended 3 grand reset)

Experience gain for these maps has been also significantly increased. Soon also coming changes to experience distribution on maps like Nixies Lake, Ferea and Deep Dungeon 1.

Fully reworked difficulty for following Bosses:

  • Great Golden Dragon (recommended party and 1 grand reset).
  • God of Darkness (recommended party and 1 grand reset)
  • Deep Dungeon Gorgon (recommended party and 1 grand reset)
  • Nix (recommended party and 9 resets)
  • Lord of Ferea (recommended party and 9 resets)
  • Lord Silvester (recommended party and 9 resets)
  • Selupan (recommended party and 8 resets)
  • Medusa (recommended party and 8 resets)
  • Kundun (recommended party and 8 resets)

Monster kill counter for all above maps and bosses has been reset. For more detailed boss stat attributes check monster information page, click here.

Included following item drop changes:

  • Golden Sentence - chance to drop from Box of Kundun +5 and Deep Dungeon Gorgon
  • Steel of Heaven - chance to drop from Nix

More item drop changes will follow.

Publicat de Lemon, May 30, 2019
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Publicat de Lemon, May 25, 2019
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Publicat de Lemon, May 24, 2019
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Publicat de Lemon, May 18, 2019
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Top Empire Lord


Level 972
Reset 9

Top Soul Wizard


Level 973
Reset 9

Top Shining Lancer


Level 887
Reset 7

Top Dimension Summoner


Level 550
Reset 7

Top Dragon Knight


Level 883
Reset 8

Top Fist Master


Level 650
Reset 2

Top Noble Elf


Level 978
Reset 10

Top Fist Blazer


Level 939
Reset 10